Bad Company – Ralphs Is Coming Along Slowly

Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs is still hospitalized following a stroke in the fall.

Dickie Baldwin, the bass player in the Mick Ralphs Blues Band, says, “It looks like Mick’s effort with his physical therapy is paying off. I saw him [last] Thursday, and he has gone from barely able to support himself when sitting, to sitting around for an hour, [and he is] unsupported when he does his therapy… His vision is a lot better, and he is focused and determined to walk as soon as he can, but it will take time as he has been bed bound since the stroke hit him. So he has a lot of work ahead to build his muscles back up. He again conveys his thanks for the cards, letters and words of support. It really does mean a lot to him, and he sends love to you all.”

Ralphs is 72.