James VanOsdol

The zombie apocalypse wouldn’t last long

It’s about time that scholars started digging into the possible threat of a zombie apocalypse. Physics students at the University of Leicester did their research and found that, should the world take a turn for the George A. Romero, we’re screwed.

They published their findings in the Journal of Physics Special Topics, and since there’s no way you’ll want to actually read the scientific paper, here are the CliffsNotes:

  • Less than 300 survivors would remain after only 100 days of Zombiegeddon, meaning zombies would outnumber humans 1,000,000 to 1
  • The study assumes a zombie will turn one person into a zombie each day
  • The human race would likely be wiped out in less than a year
  • People having children increases the chance of human survival
  • The ability to kill zombies wasn’t factored into the equation


To see how bad things could get, try this movie. Or this one.