BREAKING: It’s still cold


Chicago is experiencing an icy record (insert Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks joke here) — not for the coldest weather, but for the longest cold snap. It’s been colder in Chicago before, some 30+ years ago in January 1985, thanks to a polar vortex, the city measured 27 degrees below zero. But it’s not the cold that’s causing the misery, it’s the length of it. The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago hasn’t seen a single day warmer than 20 degrees since Christmas Day: “If temperatures don’t go above 20 degrees by Saturday — and forecasters don’t expect that they will — Chicago will tie a record for 12 consecutive days below 20 degrees. The only other times that has happened were in 1936 and 1895.”

With this persistent chill, Chicago’s Christmas lights are never coming down. Stay warm!




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