IL Drinks…Palomas?

Every week it seems we get flooded with useless facts, studies, and surveys telling us the trends of our every day existence. This week, that dumb survey details booze so I had to click on it. We are the United States of Alcoholics. And Illinois prefers….palomas. I seriously had to google what a Paloma is. Am I out of the Loop? It’s a tequila drink mixed with salt and grapefruit juice and it might be your future patio drink.

Here we go:



You’ll notice New Yorkers don’t care much for Long Islands but Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio do? South Dakota digs Sex On The Beach even though they’re far from it. Wisconsin scrapped Bloody Mary’s for an Old Fashioned and I’m okay with the change next trip to Kenosha.





Survey by: Thrillist


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