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Waiting three days to call a girl? Think again
Posted 12/26/2012 12:13:00 PM

This kid has the right idea. Photo: SparkCBC/Flickr

Q: I just went on a first date with a woman. When should I call her back?


A: I wish I could say the “wait three days” rule still applies. I know I’d love some extra time to get my ducks in a row on just about everything, and I assume you do too.

Unfortunately that rule is just arbitrary bullshit someone came up to make himself seem more interesting by appearing to be less available and less interested. The idea is to make women a little more desperate while hiding the man’s desperation, assuming he has any. But here’s the thing: Whether you wait one hour or one week to call us back, if you’re desperate, we’ll know. We can smell it just like we can smell the Donut Vault putting out their fresh batch of golden goodness for the day. While it’s unfortunate that some women do spend too much of their personal time trying to figure out what a man’s actions mean (almost always nothing), we’re remarkably good at picking up on small cues.

You’re also risking some serious backlash. If a woman is desperate for a man/boyfriend/husband/arm candy, not calling her is only going to agitate her more, and I’ve heard enough complaints from my guy friends to know that a hyperactive clingy woman is about as appealing as William Chatner doing a dramatic reading of Fifty Shades of Gray. Actually, that sounds pretty awesome…I should call him and pitch that.

Modernity is not on your side, either. Life moves at a pretty good clip these days. Men and women both want answers and results faster; why else would we link our work email accounts to our smartphones? We know when you’re screening calls and ignoring texts, and no one “forgets to check” their phone for three days at a time.

So stop playing games. No one really wins these early dating skirmishes, so you may as well make your demands known.


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