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When your girlfriend checks out another girl
Posted 1/9/2013 9:36:00 AM

Check yourselves, fellas. This is not a "Black Swan" situation.

Q: My girlfriend and I were walking down the street and we passed a really good-looking woman. After she was out of earshot, my girlfriend told me she thought the woman was hot. What is that all about?

A: This answer has a dependence clause. Think back to the tone of voice you girlfriend used. Was she sarcastic? Did it have the subtle undertones of a threat? If so, it means she saw you ogling the lady’s goodies and you either do that entirely too much or your girlfriend is the jealous type. One of these situations you can fix, if it’s the other, you’re S.O.L.

If your girlfriend sounded sincere, it still might mean that she caught you having a sneaky peak. But mostly, it’s her way of telling you it’s okay. We’re all human beings walking around with eyes in our heads and hormones in our bloodstreams, and it’s totally natural to notice and appreciate other women. And while most of us are interested in men, women can definitely appreciate a beautiful woman when we see one, too.

But don’t get carried away. We don’t want to date some horndog that drools after every pair of T’s and A’s that saunter by. And we are DEFINITELY NOT telling you that we’re interested in a three-way (okay, 99.99 percent of us aren't telling you that. I can't speak for a few of those free-wheelin' ladies). Sorry to dash your precious dreams, but if we were proposing that we’d have to be in a bar - not on the street - because copious amounts of alcohol would be required. And even then, you’d better wait for us to suggest it.


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