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Let's take off our judgment pants
Posted 1/23/2013 8:37:00 AM

Q: I'm dating this girl and every time we go out she always orders bud light or coors light and its so stupid there are so many good beers and cocktails and when she does this it just makes me think she is dumb and closeminded and WHY DOESNT SHE DRINK SOMETHING MORE DELICIOUS LIKE HEINEKEN OR CORONA OR MILLER LITE?!?!?!?!?!

A: Why do you scratch your balls? Because you like it. I also assume you're buying a few of these beers? Why are you complaining that she's opting for the cheap stuff? Let the girl drink what she wants.

Also, I take issue with your taste. Are you honestly telling me that Miller Lite is that much more superior to Bud Light? That's like picking between Evian and Ice Mountain bottled water. They're both light beers, they're both a shade more flavorful than water, and at the end of the day their biggest distinguishing characteristic is the color of the can. Even Heineken isn't that much better, and Corona is useless unless you put a lime in it. 

Perhaps both of you could use a little growth in the taste department. For your next date, take her out to a brewery or brewpub. Chicago is fully laden with excellent labels; Metropolitan, Revolution, Solemn Oath, Two Brothers, Pipeworks Brewing, and Half Acre, just to name a very select few. Buy a full tasting so she can get to know different kinds of beers; chances are there will be at least one that she likes. And you might just discover that Heineken does in fact taste like swill compared to Antih-Hero or Daisy Cutter. 

Unfortunately, since your lady seems to favor light beer, she might not be a real beer drinker at all - she just picks something reasonably tasteless, cold, and easy to afford and drink. If that's the case, try a wine tasting instead. D.O.C. wine bar, City Winery, and Webster's Wine Bar have some excellent flights. If that doesn't work, perhaps whiskey flights (yes, they do exist). But don't come bitching to me when your tab starts doubling up on your dates and she's complaining of hangovers more often. If you're going to make this bed, you better sleep in it. 

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