FlaskTie - "Nobody needs to know why you started wearing a necktie™"
Posted 12/5/2012 11:08:00 AM

Here's something to put on your Christmas list: the FlaskTie™.

It's like a white collar (and thinner) spin on the BeerBelly..with a super-secret straw, unlike the BeerBelly. UK's BAXBO, the maker of the pillow tie, is behind this new spin on office attire.

The wider end of the tie has a 6oz (that's half a pint) bladder to hold your drink of choice while the narrow end has a nozzle to drink from -- and it gets bonus points for being hands-free.  The nozzle is also self-sealing so you don't need to worry about telltale drips on your button-up shirt.

Should you be worried about co-workers judging or asking why you're wearing teh same tie day after day...FlaskTie has that covered, too: it comes in 5 different stripey colors.

It's making it's debut today and right now you can only order it from the UK. It'll run you about $33 plus a chunk of change in shipping...but we're pretty sure you'll be able to find it from US retailers soon.

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