A safer way to share your files
Posted 12/7/2012 9:47:00 AM

Cloud computing definitely has its vast share of benefits, but that comes with a number of security and financial drawbacks. Many systems only offer a certain amount of space initially, with the option to add more... for a price. It's also not terribly hard for pros to hack cloud systems, a big problem if you're sharing private documents.

Developers from Drobo, Sling Media and TiVo is working on a solution with the Transporter. It's a dedicated storage device that hooks up directly to the internet. Once you save your files on it, only others with a Transporter of their own that you've invited to share can access your files. There's also no fee for the online registration, so the only prive you're paying is for the device itself. 

The project is still in the fundraising stage on Kickstarter, though the product should be shipped to all American backers in January. The hub itself costs $179 with $10 shipping; that's with no hard drive. $269 will get you the Transporter with 1TB of storage.

Check out how the Transporter works below. 

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