An appliance you can order around
Posted 1/2/2013 9:59:00 AM


Are you sitting on your couch and boiling up? Or are you shivering with the cold? Just yell at your air conditioner, and it will fix the problem. No really, it listens.

Well, maybe not your air conditioner, but the new LG Whispen does. All you have to do to adjust the temperature in your home is tell the Whispen what to do. Voice commands have to be made within 17 feet of the air conditioner for the thing to hear you, but there's a smartphone app to make changes if you're out of earshot (would it be earshot? The Whispen doesn't actually have ears...). 

The free-standing Whispen is supposed to be exceptionally quiet, the better to "hear" your commands. It also has a built-in security camera, performing double duty should anyone break into your home. Basically, it won't be long before the thing is making your coffee, washing your car and folding your laundry. But for now, a voice-controlled A/C is good enough.

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