This robot vacuum won't miss a spot
Posted 1/2/2013 9:42:00 AM

I love vacuuming! ...said no one, ever.

And that's okay.  Technology is making it easier and easier for you to become lazier and lazier. Robotic vacuums? Sweet.

One problem: they're round. And corners are...well, not round.  While the vacuum does your bidding and cleans up crumbs and dust bunnies from the open floor, look in the corners and you'll probably find some decent-sized dust bunnies plotting to take over.

Samsung is fixing this problem. With CES 2013 upon us, the electronics company has been a teasing us with some pictures on it Flickr.  The Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean's most standout feature would the little arm-like pop-out brushes which will reach into corners and whip the dust bunnies out of the corners and into the vacuum. Pretty cool.

Other things you'll find on the Smart Tango Corner Clean include an on-board LCD to program the vacuum and to read error codes and it seems to have a camera for Samsung's Visionary Mapping System and TangoView.

But you'll need to wait a week or so for any more information, including pricepoint, model number, and availability -- Samsung's holding on to that until CES 2013.

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