Tech Toy Tuesday 01/29/13
Posted 1/29/2013 8:00:00 AM

Czahor here from The Maxwell Show, it's time for Tech Toy Tuesday for January 29th.

Really big CD release this week. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is getting the Deluxe Edition treatment. A 3 CD edition has the original album completely remastered on disc 1, a live album that is about 90% of Rumours plus a few other hits on disc 2, and demos, early versions, instrumentals, and acoustic versions on disc 3. Pick that up ahead of Fleedwood Mac playing the United Center on April 13th. 

Blu Ray and DVD, it's slooooow Downton Abbey Season 3, and that's it. Movie releases will pick up again after the Oscars.

Tech Toy for the week is the The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner.

It's a divice that hooks up to your smart phone and allows you to transfer 35mm film and video to your phone, just by passing the actual film through the device, so if you've got a bunch of home movies of grandpa riding one of those old timey bikes with the big wheel in front or you really like old vintage porn, you don't have to break out the giant projector anymore. It'll also help you out if Instagram isn't hipstery ENOUGH for you, but you just can't get your friends to come over and actually look at your photos album because they liked social interaction before it was cool. 

You can pre order it now, should be avalible by April and it can be had for $50. 

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