Tech Toy Tuesday 02/05/13
Posted 2/5/2013 6:36:00 AM

New Music, Deep Purple's Slaves and Masters gets the remastered treatment. A deluxe edition will feature the original album, fully remastered plus two bonus tracks the 12" B-side Slow Down Sister, as well as Love Conquers all.

New to Blu Ray and DVD this week is Flight, that's the Denzel Washington film about the drunk pilot. Also out on Blu Ray for the first time, Peter Pan. If you like Peter Pan, go buy it. Disney has a tendency to release their classic movies, print them once, and then not make them available for another 15 years.

Major video game release this week, Dead Space 3. If you're a fan of the Dead Space series you're already going to buy it, if you're not familiar these games are great, but they are terrifying, like poop your pants mess with your head terrifying. Don't play with kids around if you don't want them getting nightmares.


There is a sony press event later this month and the speculation is that they will announce the Playstation 4. Now one way or another the PS4 is coming, and soon. Developers already have "dev kits" (Computers that try to emulate what the final system will be capable of so they can have games ready for launch day.) It would be a bit of a shock for Sony to announce this early. Traditionally they lik to be the last out of the gate with their system because they have no issues about looking at what Nintendo and Microsoft put out and copying the best ideas for their system, plus being last means they can put out the system with the best specs.

Still, they're going to announce something on the 20th, and there will be another Playstation, probably by the end of the year. So start saving your pennies, gamers.

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