Tech Toy Tuesday 04/30/13
Posted 4/30/2013 7:51:00 AM

New music release this week History of The Eagles, is out on DVD and Blu Ray today. It’s a three disc set of a biography that was shown on showtime. Disc one shows the band’s early days up through their breakup in 1980, while disc 2 captures everything from the Hell Freezes Over tour to the present day. Disc three is a concert: The Eagles Live at the Capital Centre March 1977. Same price for the Blu Ray as for the DVD on this release.

A big day for dorks as Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 hits Blu Ray. If you’re a fan of the series you don’t need me to tell you that Season 3 is when the series really started to get good. If you haven’t heard these Blu Rays are completely remastered. Star Trek Next Generation was shot on film, but the special effects were done on video, which makes the transfer process incredibly messy, but they have pulled it off.

The tech toy of the week is an app. It’s called Google Now and it brings one of the coolest features of Android to your iPhone.. It syncs with your gmail account and location settings and can predict what information you need based on your search habits and location. So if you’re in the car, it can tell you’re in the car because the GPS knows you’re moving more quickly than you can walk. If you search for directions while you’re in the car, it’ll automatically pull up the map. If you order something and tracking is emailed to you, it’ll let you know when the package has been delivered. Search sports scores a few times and it’ll automatically display the teams. Search stocks in your portfolio and you get your own personalized ticker.

I had a friend install it on their iPhone last night and it immediately pulled weather and a bus schedule for the stop right outside my apartment and after a half dozen google searches it felt like it knew what we wanted without having to ask it.

It’s been out for Android for several months, but it only runs on phones running the newest Android operating system, which is actually a small percentage of Android phones, but it just hit iTunes and it’s available for iPhone and iPads. It can be had for the low, low price of free, so give it a shot if you’ve got an iPhone 3gs or newer. I will say that I had a hard time finding it in the app store last night, so I’m including a direct link on the Loop’s web page.

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