Tech Toy Tuesday 06/18/13
Posted 6/18/2013 7:53:00 AM

The Cars Greatest Hits is being reissued on a limited edition 180 gram vinyl pressing. It comes with a gatefold sleeve and the original artwork, and as far as greatest hits go, this is an outstanding collection. If you’re a vinyl aficionado, you could do much worse.

On Blu Ray and DVD, Jackson Browne’s  I’ll Do Anything, which was filmed last year during his tour. There’s... uh... seventeen tracks of Jackson Browne goodness. If that’s your bag, go grab it.

I haven’t talked about video games on the show in a few weeks and that’s because there really haven’t been any notable releases recently. There’s a reason for that. Microsoft and Sony are both putting out new systems this Fall. Sony will launch the PS4, Microsoft the Xbox One (Warning: link autoplays a video). We’ve known about both systems for more than a month, but last week was E3, which is the annual video game trade show, and now both companies have shown their hand.

Both systems have Blu Ray this time around. Xbox One will ship with Kinect and Microsoft has come under some fire because Kinect is always on, even when the system is off, Kinect is tracking your movements, and its IR sensor can determine blood flow and heart rate. The other issue with Xbox One is that it absolutely requires an internet connection. If you don’t connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours, it’s a brick. Furthermore, the Xbox has some pretty strict rules with rights management. It will be up to publishers to decide whether used games will even work on the system.

In the end, both systems will get almost every big game. Call of Duty, Madden, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, they’re all going to be on both systems, and the exclusives will look similar to last generation. Xbox will get Halo and Fable, Playstation will get Killzone and Infamous, but, the hammer here could be the price. Xbox is launching at $499, PS3 at $399. Both will be out this fall.

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