Tech Toy Tuesday 07/02/13
Posted 7/2/2013 8:51:00 AM

This actually came out last week but I wasn’t here and it’s pretty cool so I wanna talk about it. Timeless Flight, a four disc Moody Blues retrospective that comes packaged in a hard bound book. It’s not a box set or a greatest hits, rather it’s a collection of 5.1 mixes, live cuts, B sides and other oddities.

On Blu Ray, a collectors edition of one of the funniest movies of all time. Mel Brooks’ The Producers. This was Brooks’ first movie and it remains one of his best. This edition of the film includes a making of documentary, if you’re a Mel Brooks fan and you don’t own The Producers this is a no brainer. If you already do it might be worth it for the documentary alone, but your milage may vary, of course.

Normally I wouldn’t do a news and rumor story as the tech toy of the week, but when it’s a new Apple product it kinda feels like a lock. Apple is filing for trademarks in Japan, Mexico, Russia, and Taiwan for a product called the iWatch, this comes after they filed patent applications for a smart watch like slap bracelet earlier this year.

Some of the ideas introduced includes having it charge just based on the motion of your wrist, which has been part of watch technology for quite some time. The slap bracelet idea is key, Thought this would be a watch, it’s likely it wouldn’t have any sort of band, but just be one flexible piece of plastic that would conform to your wrist. and a lot of the other patents involve how the display would shape itself depending on how big your wrist is, so people with smaller wrists wouldn’t have to turn their their wrist to see the entire screen, the screen would just shrink to fit them.

This is all still rumor but if Apple is bluffing they’re spending a hell of a lot of money to do it. 100 Apple employees were reportedly working on a smartwatch of some kind. If we don't see it in 2013, I'd bet we'll see it in 2014.

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