Tech Toy Tuesday 07/16/13
Posted 7/16/2013 7:54:00 AM

Music today: Several Blue Oyster Cult re-releases: Spectres, Fire of Unknown Origin, Cultosaurus Erectus, Agents of Fortune, Tyranny and Mutation, Secret Treaties, On Your Feet Or On Your Knees and Mirrors. These are “Deluxe Replica” CDs which come in packaging that’s designed to replicate the original vinyl sleeves. They’re either slip or gate fold, depending on what the original came in, the CD itself is black plastic made to look like a record including the original label art. All of the packaging art is included and they’re remastered to make em’ sound really nice.

On Blu Ray, 42, the  Jackie Robinson documentary starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford is out. Good movie for baseball fans and kids. Spoiler alert: Jackie Robinson was black.

The Tech Toy of the Week this week is Earl. Earl is billed as a Backcountry Survival Tablet. It’s a tablet that is built to take a beating and give you the bare bones information you need to survive if you’re out in the wild camping, hiking, hunting or whatever it is you like to do in the woods.

Earl is a tablet with several features that make it ideal for being out in the bush. The two most prominant are that it will work where your cell phone won’t, and that it can take quite a beating. The screen itself is flexible, it’s water, dust, shock and mud-proof. The touch screen can work even if you have gloves on. It can double as a lantern at night and it and the screen is still readable in direct sunlight. It has solar panels on the back that will bring it to a full charge in 5 hours.

So it’s survivable, but what can it do? Well, it has a GPS chip in it that will give you your location, elevation and exact direction. It will provide weather information including wind speed and barometric pressure. It has a two way radio with a 20 mile range. It has an AM, FM, Short and Long Wave radio, and it works with thousands of Android apps, although it is limited by only having a black and white screen.

You can get it in August, it’ll come in black or white. $300 for the base model, add another $50 for a map upgrade.

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