Tech Toy Tuesday 07/30/13
Posted 7/30/2013 8:48:00 AM

New music out today Fly like an Eagle, an all star tribute to Steve Miller includes performances by members of Yes, Asia, XTC, Wishbone Ash, Dream Theater and Survivor.

Queue up the nerd herd song, maxwell

Season 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation out on Blu Ray today. This is when the show really started to move from good to great. It opened with The Best of Both Worlds part II, that’s where Picard becomes a Borg. This season also introduced the Cardassians and was nominated for eight Emmys.

Tech toy of the week this week is the Google Chromecast. If you bought your TV within the last 6 or so years it has an HDMI port, could have one even if it’s older than that, but they’re pretty standard now. The Chromecast plugs into the HDMI port and it does two really impressive things.

First it allows you to play any online content on your TV direct from Netflix and Youtube.Second, you can also “cast” and that’s their term, a tab from your Chrome browser to your TV so whatever you have on your computer can get bounced to your TV, this opens up content from places like Rhapsody, HBOGo, Hulu, Vimeo and other online media sources that don't directly support the Google Cast standard.

All of this happens wirelessly. You can also cast from your phone or tablet or just about anything that can run Google Chrome. In case anyone is curious, yes this includes Apple devices.

So why go with Chromecast over Apple TV or a Roku, well, Roku’s are app dependant, meaning you’re locked out of youtube or just duplicating a tab on your TV. The other benefit to the Chromecast is the price. At just $35 you’ll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck. The top end Roku and Apple TV both run $100.

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