Tech Toy Tuesday 08/06/13
Posted 8/6/2013 8:08:00 AM

New music today, a greatest hits album from John Mellencamp. Nothing Like I Planned, of course, if you were to plan out a John Mellencamp greatest hits, it would probably look a bit like this, so it’s sort of what you planned, right?

On Blu Ray today, Oblivion, this is the Tom Cruise/Morgan Freeman dystopian Sci Fi thriller. This is not to be confused with Edge of Tomorrow, which is Cruise’s next film which sports a similar premise. Cruise plays Jack Harper, who is not to be confused with Jack Reacher, the character he played in his previous film.

Also out today, Disney releases The Sword and The Stone and Robin Hood for the first time on Blu. Grab them if you’re a Disney fan, because after a year or so in stores they take them away for 10 years.

Also, this isn’t new, and I don’t normally do this, but if you have some extra cash to blow, there’s a huge selection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on sale on right now, there’s a link to that on the website.

Today’s Tech Toy Tuesday is extremely Low Tech, but it’s still really freakin’ cool. It’s a company called Chairigami, and they make cardboard furniture. They sell chairs, tables, couches, and shelving and you might be wondering how any of this could possibly be strong enough to hold weight.

It’s made from three-ply corrugated cardboard which is incredibly strong, usually used in military and industrial packaging, and after that, it’s a matter of physics and directing the weight evenly.

The products are all foldable, so they can be set up, taken down, and moved around. They’re not the most attractive pieces, but there is a simplicity to them that’s easy to appreciate. You probably won’t put these in your house, but for a dorm or a college apartment they’re perfect. The sofa, which is one of the largest pieces, weighs 18 pounds.

They’re relatively cheap, too. A chair will run you $80, a double shelf $100, and a sofa $118, BUT you can expect to pay another $50 on top of those for shipping.

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