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Tech Toy Tuesday 08/27/13
Posted 8/27/2013 8:20:00 AM

New music today Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait: The Bootleg Series Vol. 10. This set contains 35 unreleased tracks from the 1969 to 1971 recording sessions that produced the Self Portrait and New Morning albums.

On Blu Ray, The Great Gatsby, the adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic. Spoiler alert, everyone is miserable and then everyone dies.

Video game releases today, many of you already know this, but it’s Madden Day, Madden 25 comes out today. If you’re a Madden fan you know if you’re going to buy it or not already, if you’re not a Madden fan ask yourself if you’re going to try to buy a PS4 or Xbox One, if you are, maybe wait for the new systems to land.

The Tech Toy of the week this week is a product called, quite simply, Fuel. It’s by a company called Devotec Industries and I honestly think this is brilliant and I’m going to buy one. Fuel is a phone charger that is the size of a quarter, it looks like a tiny fuel can. You put it on your key ring, and it’s meant to be used in case of an emergency. You get 220 milliAmp hours of juice, which isn’t a lot, but it’ll be enough to let you talk for an extra 20 or 30 minutes, or give you a few hours on standby. Fuel is rated to hold a charge for a month, but the designers say that real tests have shown it to hold a charge for close to three months.

It weighs a half ounce and it will work on any phone that charges with micro-usb, and can be charged with any charger that uses micro USB. Unfortunately that means that you cannot use it with an iPhone, but an iPhone version will be out by the end of October. Total with shipping is $27.

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