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Tech Toy Tuesday 09/17/13
Posted 9/17/2013 8:29:00 AM

Slim pickings for classic rock fans this week, but you may enjoy a sort-of rerelease from the band: The Band, Live at the Academy Of Music 1971. I say sort of rerelease because it’s the same tracks from the Rock of Ages set, with a second set of CDs that have the same recordings, straight off the board.

No major movie releases today, but on the video game front we have one of the biggest releases of the year. Grand Theft Auto V. Odds are good you already know if you’re going to buy this or not, and odds are even better if you’re a gamer you will.

Two thousand dollar lawn mowers are fun, but every couple of weeks I like to pick out a toy or two that’s cheap and practical and this week I have two of them. The first is the last USB sync cable you’ll ever need to buy, or at least till you inevitably lose it.  The CrossLink cable by Id America has a USB plug on one end, on the other, a micro USB port so you can charge any Android device, a 30-pin apple dock connector to connect to the old model iPods, iPhones, and iPads, and a lightning port to charge the new model iProducts.

It comes in a half dozen colors, the cable itself is 3 feet long and flat, so it’ll lay down, and not get tangled as easily. It’ll run you $18.

Second toy this week, and every once in awhile something comes along and you think to yourself: how come I didn’t think of that?! This is one of those times.

Last time the power went out, what did you do? Did you fumble and stumble around to find your flashlight cause your kids were playing with it last? Or maybe the batteries were dead? Or maybe you’re like me and you just lose the thing cause you’re a dumbass. How about an LED light bulb that screws into a regular light socket, and works like a light bulb, but when that light is on, charges a recharable battery and can be removed and used like a flashlight?

Called simply the Bulb Flashlight, it does just that. It’s an LED bulb so you won’t burn yourself if you unscrew it while it’s on, there’s an extendable handle, and it’ll run for 3 hours on a charge. Or, just pull the handle out and leave it in the socket and you’ll have a light that works for three hours without power. $45 bucks online.

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