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Tech Toy Tuesday 10/15/13
Posted 10/15/2013 8:24:00 AM

Really good week for classic rock. We have a new release by Paul McCartney, called, appropriately, New. We have Lightning Bolt, the new offering by Pearl Jam. Eric Clapton’s Unplugged gets a rerelease called Unplugged: Expanded & Remastered, that’s one of four CDs everyone’s aunt has, along with two of the three Beatles anthologies an album of Michael Buble covers. Finally, couldn’t let this one go by: a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, Symphony II, can be yours, today.

On Blu Ray, Pacific Rim. Giant robots blowin’ stuff up and Idris Elba. I’m down.

The tech toy of the week this week, is called ‘Monsieur’ but let’s just cut to the chase, this thing will be known as  The Keurig of Booze. It’s an automated bartender. You fill it with different types of booze, and it will make you a drink.

Tell it what kind of liquid you filled it with and it’ll know what it can make with what you’ve given it. Want it stronger? It’ll make it stronger, weaker, it’ll make it weaker. Order the same drink a few times and it’ll learn your preferences.

Now that’s pretty cool, but where this thing goes crazy is with the companion app. It’ll let you order up a drink on your phone and it’ll start making it from across the room. It can be programed to start making you a drink as soon as you come home, or it’ll know when the bears win and make you a celebratory cocktail, or when they lose, it’ll make you a shot you can drown your sorrows with.

Lest you think the entire thing is just promoting alcoholism, the app will take a guess at your blood alcohol level, and if you happen to be using one of these in a bar, it’ll offer to call you a cab.

There’s two versions of it. Both of them are expensive. The four-liquid version will run you $1,499, while the eight-container machine, is $2,699

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