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Tech Toy Tuesday 12/03/13
Posted 12/3/2013 8:20:00 AM

Boston has a new Album out today… for some reason. Life, Love & Hope. Ten years ago we had no cash, no jobs and no… oh never mind.

On Blu Ray today, The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman playing the eponymous lupine with steel claws

Also, Season 16 of the Simpsons if you’re one of the few that’re still interested in collecting Simpsons DVDs.

Tech Toy of the week this week is the Roadie Tuner. Now, I should preface this whole thing by saying I *DON’T* play guitar, or any other instrument for that matter, but I still thought this was an awesome idea.

Roadie Tuner is a device that syncs with any smartphone that will fit over the machinehead of any stringed instrument. You punch in the note you want that string to be tuned to, and strum, and the Roadie Tuner will automatically tighten or loosen the peg until it’s perfectly tuned. It can also tell when your strings are getting worn. They also claim Roadie Tuner is three times more accurate than the human ear.

It’s on kickstarter now, and you can get it for $79.99, when it goes to stores in June it’ll be $100.

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