Nebras | Chicago, IL


Turn Ons:
Eyes. First thing I notice is the eyes not necessarily color or shape but the way the guy looks at me. Also, height because I'm tall and it's hard to find a guy my height or taller.

Favorite Band:
Blue October.

Why Should You Be
The Next Loop Rock Girl?

I think my look is universal and the Loop Rock Girl needs to represent all girls in Chicago. I am also crazy about music so whenever there's music played I start dancing without realizing it. I am also a goofball and I know that my personality will win you over. I can sit here and write a speech to get you to think I'm awesome but I would much rather you find out for yourselves. I am out of control and extremely energetic and fun. Those are qualities that everyone enjoys. Lastly, I am a very optimistic and positive person. Nothing will get my mood down. Been through it all and instead of dwelling on things I do charity works that I plan myself to raise money for children who have been sexually abused. That cause is my passion.

Nebras's Rock Girl Submission Video