Rachel | Chicago, IL


Turn Ons:
A good personality, nice sense of humor, someone who is adventurous and has a love for sports.

Favorite Band:
Led Zeppelin/Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Why Should You Be
The Next Loop Rock Girl?

I should be the next Loop Rock Girl because I feel I am the best candidate to represent the Loop. I have years of experience under my belt as a promotional model and spokeswoman. I have a bachelors degree of Communications from DePaul University. My outgoing personality and skill sets help me relate and connect well with large audiences. Not to mention, I'm pretty kickass. Don't let the looks fool you. I can definitely hang with the guys, have a good time and get down and dirty. I'm a tomboy at heart who loves philanthropy, sports, food, and quality music!

Rachel's Rock Girl Submission Video