Shandi | Springfield, IL


Turn Ons:
Confidence, Lifted Trucks, A Sexy Voice (especially if you use it to sing, omg melting right now), making me smile, humor; I love to laugh!!! Jeeps!!!

Favorite Band:

Why Should You Be
The Next Loop Rock Girl?

I should be the next Loop Rock Girl because I love to rock and I'll rock 97.9 The Loop's world! I have the best personality and I'm not just a pretty face! I'm smart, confident, and I'm guaranteed to make everyone around me laugh! I'm fun to be around and how often do you find a sexy red head. I'm every guys dreams girl and I will make all your listeners want to be with me or be me! So stop wasting your time with the rest and make the choice of the best, with me, SHANDI!!

Shandi's Rock Girl Submission Video