Olivia | Orland Park, IL


Turn Ons:
Good sense of humor.

Favorite Band:
Just about everyone played on 97.9 THE LOOP!

Why Should You Be
The Next Loop Rock Girl?

I think its time for me to start rocking out with chicago instead of just by myself in my car. You could say I am a people person, but that would be an understatement. I love interacting with anyone and well everyone that will share their time and maybe a good story or two. I have not lived the normal life someone my age and in the last 3 years I have lived everywhere from Indiana, to North Dakota, all the way to Miami Beach, and back. If there is anything I've learned from moving so much, its that I KNOW Chicago is the BEST city and it is where I plan to stay. Last year I worked downtown as a Real Estate Agent during the week and did Social Media for a motorcycle shop in Joliet on the weekends, that could consider me a little Rocker right? I am only 5'2 (and a half!) so I do mean little, but do not worry my personality more than makes up for my height! This opportunity would mean the world to me, I don't think I could ask for anything better than rocking out with the city that I love, while working with and for the people of Chicago to better our community! Did I mention I have a secret weapon? Even my dog rocks out, Hughie, and she is bound to draw a crowd where every we go. She is the sweetest and best behave dog in the world and would make a great addition to any charity event or anything involving kids. Hey, I'll use anything that will put me over the top, and who does not love a big fluffy dog?

Olivia's Sweet 16 Video