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School’s Back In Session!
Posted 8/22/2013 3:40:00 PM

It’s about that time of year again for school to start! A lot of schools are starting back up around mid-August to the beginning of September. If you listen to the morning show with Maxwell you already know that I was kind of a nerd in high school. Okay, I was a big nerd! I got straight A’s and graduated 6th in my class, but there were only around 70 of us. Getting good grades never came easy for me though. I was never one of those students that just listened to what the teacher said in class and then aced the exams; my attention span goes out the window after hearing a teacher talk for over 30 minutes, especially when my friends sat right next to me. I was the kind of student that had to go home with the text book, read it over twice, highlight the important parts, and then take notes on the side so that it was permanently drilled into my head.

My favorite subjects throughout high school and college have always been English, history, law, and biology (I say biology only because my biology teacher was incredibly good-looking). My least favorite subject has always been math! I could care less about problems like: What time will the train get to the train station if it’s 10 miles away and traveling at a speed of 75 MPH? I don’t need to figure that out in my head, that’s what we have train schedules for! Ironically enough, my job in the Marine Corps required me to do a lot of math. Funny how things like that turn out…

Enjoy your upcoming school year!

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