Zakk Wylde Names New Son Sabbath
Posted 7/6/2012 12:11:00 PM

Zakk Wylde welcomed the latest addition to his family on July 4th, a son named Sabbath.

Here was Zakk’s announcement, “VALHALLA JAVA ALMIGHTY BLACK LABEL!!! SABBATH PAGE WIELANDT WYLDE Has Come to Join The Mother Chapter!!!! JULY 4th,11:40”

Weighing in at only 8 pounds and 1.3 ounces, at 21 inches in length, this future ax wielder has been blessed with namesake of his father’s favorite band – Black Sabbath.

Sabbath has 3 other siblings in the “Mother Chapter”, but come on, just look at that little rocker. Boy, does he have some cool toys to play with when gets a little older.

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