Would Jimi Approve?
Posted 11/5/2012 2:06:00 PM

After rock stars pass, the head of their estates almost always begin a program of finding ways to capitalize on the name and history of the deceased. The latest to jump the shark, the Jimi Hendrix estate, has now informed us that this month they are excited about the “launch of its new JIMI HENDRIX men's collection, exclusively at Bloomingdale's nationwide.”

And I have to wonder.. Would Jimi approve?

There is no question that Jimi had a unique and flamboyant sense of fashion. It’s one of the many things about his over the top stage personality that I really enjoyed. But would he approve of his image and lyrics being used on “graphic screen print tees, scarves, men's dress shirts, hoodies and cuff links”.. All being sold at an upscale department store?

I’m not sure that he would be overly concerned about his persona being used on screen print tees, that’s pretty much just a concert shirt anyways…well, except that they cost about $70. But what about the $250 silver heart with “Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky”? I’m thinking maybe not.

We know he was a perfectionist who loved to control ever aspect music, yet after his passing his stepsister is releasing anything musical with his name on it. Would Jimi wish for his outtakes and unfinished recordings to be released? Hell no!

But, Jimi is gone. Nothing can change that. Whatever he wished doesn’t matter now. You see, his father Al gave primary control to most of the Hendrix estate to Jimi’s stepsister Janie - A girl who his father had adopted well after Jimi had left home, a girl whom Jimi had only met a couple of times. Not blood. Not even really family, especially when you hear that Janies mom hated Al.

So, Jimi jams away in heaven, and his sister tries to come up with any possible way to make money off of somebody whom she never really even knew.

O, but there is good news. Janie will be happy to sign HER autograph to any of the Hendrix clothing or jewelry you purchase at Bloomingdales when she is making her big in-stoor appearance. See, and you were worried that she didn’t care for the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and only wants to make money. I bet Christmas dinners at the Hendrix family table are a real blast these days.

Patrick Capone

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