ACDC Now on iTunes
Posted 11/26/2012 11:04:00 AM

One of us.. One of us…

It’s happened, the boys in ACDC have finally given in and jumped into the millennium – their entire collection of music is now available on iTunes.

They were one of the last hold-outs, along with the Beatles, Bob Seger, and a couple of other classic rock style artists who felt that offering their songs on iTunes would cheapen the experience of the band.

“If we were on iTunes, we know a certain percentage of people would only download two or three songs from the album – and we don’t think that represents us musically,” Angus Young told the Telegraph.

There is simply no denying it, if you want to sell music these days it must be available in digital formats and distributed through channels like iTunes.

“Maybe I’m just being old-fashioned, but this iTunes, God bless ‘em, it’s going to kill music if they’re not careful,” said Brian Johnson back in 2008.

Brian is probably more right than wrong when he said that statement about 5 years ago. No doubt, the business model is dead. Artists are now trying to find a way to simply make a living in the new digital music business model… which means really that they need to play live shows.

So, ACDC held out as long as they could. Man, they must have been the last soldier on the field waving a flag that nobody saw, trying to prove a point, a warning to other rockers and a call for solidarity. Yeah, it failed.

Now you can download singles, whole albums, they even have a special deal where you can download the entire catalog for $150.

It’s good news for fans who didn’t want to buy a whole ACDC album just to hear Stiff Upper Lip, and bad news for the suits behind ACDC who were really hoping you would just keep paying the $15 and put up with songs like “House of Jazz”.

Meanwhile, the kids of America will spend $200 on headphones designed by Dr. Dre that offer a “superior listening experience”, yet they won’t pay more than $1 for a song that they download in a compressed crappy MP3 format. $200 headphones listening to compressed music.. Ironic?! Welcome to America.

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