Do Robots Rock?
Posted 1/7/2013 4:15:00 PM

Yes, Robots are cool. I have several in my house, for real. My favorite being a growler sized R2D2 that operates from voice recognition. Many a friend at the Patcave has enjoyed watching the little driod roll up with a cold beer in his little grey claw. But, Can Robots Rock?

Perhaps you have seen the robot drummer YouTube video. He sports a completely metallic Mohawk as his General Grevius arms bang away at the kit. Pretty cool, but nothing I would want to listen to all day, that’s for sure

Well, the robotic world could not leave well enough alone. Our beloved Mohawked robotic drummer has put the band back together. They are called “Compressorhead”.

Joining our 4 armed friend is a cowboy boot wearing guitar player who pops up and down like duck in a shooting gallery, and a bass player with full tank tracks that.. well.. doesn’t do anything.

The good news is that they at least play a damn decent song – Morhead Ace of Spades. The bad news is that it is just as sterile as you thought. Still no word on the robotic singer thoug.. o wait.. wouldn’t that be Tpain?


Patrick Capone

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