VIVA Hysteria!
Posted 1/8/2013 1:30:00 PM

Last year Guns ‘N Roses rocked the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for 12 consecutive shows.  Why not? Many famous acts from Elvis to Celine Dion decided that, instead of touring, let the fans come to them. And with close to 40-million visitors per year in Sin City, the shows are always well-attended (although how much will be later remembered by the concert-goers is up for debate).

This year Def Leppard will be taking up residency in Las Vegas at the same venue that Axl Rose and company called “The Joint”.  From March 22nd through April 10, Def Leppard will perform “Hysteria” in its entirety along with the classic tracks from the past and present.

Watch the advertisement for Def Leppard in Las Vegas….




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