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Posted 1/28/2013 11:16:00 AM

Come on, you know you want it. A jet black, fully loaded, 2000 Firebird Trans Am previously owned by the late great Layne Staley. Seriously, this thing only has 26,000 miles on it.

I can see it now. You pull into the local tavern. You know the kind, where the Old Style sign is faded and hanging from a seriously rusted metal frame that is no longer square to the ground. You step out of your cool Trans Am. Women gasp. They can’t help it. You walk in the door and the bartender says, in a South Side Chicago Accent “Hey der buddy, dats a nice trans am”.

Hell yeah, it’s a nice Trans Am. Is there any other type of Trans Am? No. This one is even nicer than nice. Low millage, sure, all the upgrades, you bet, owned by one of the greatest rock singers of all time, well of course, this is Layne Staleys f’n Firebird man.. and it screams rock and roll.

You get T-Tops and the Ram Air, the WS6 package upgrades with dual leather electronic controlled bucket seats, stereo upgrade package with a trunk mounted 12 disc changer. 6 speed Transmission, and plenty of rick rock history.

This bad ride is being offered to fans before it hits the open market. If your interested in picking up some American muscle from an iconic American rock singer, then you better be prepared to pay. Some are estimating that it will be sold for $15-$25,000, depending on the Layne factor.

Interested? Of course you are. You’ll need to message Travis, and you can find all the info at this link:

Patrick Capone

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