Jon Bon Jovi a Reality Show Judge? 'It's Not for Me'
Posted 1/30/2013 9:31:00 AM

The British paper The Sun reports that Jon Bon Jovi was recently asked if he would ever consider being a judge on a show like X Factor.  He responded, "I was offered all of them last year, but it’s not for me because I have a job -- we’re busy."  He's not kidding: Bon Jovi is kicking off a world tour next month and a new album is set for release in March.

Bon Jovi says the contestants on shows like American Idol, X Factor and The Voice are simply not prepared for the pressures of stardom.

"It’s hard for the talent because they’re thrust into a huge spotlight, then they win these things and they’re expected to have a record that’s on a par with the greats," he said. "I had 23 years to write my first record. I was able to develop a career in bars."

He added, "I would never have won any of those contests. You see them there and they can hit the high note and then a year later they’re a trivia question. It’s a big ask of these kids."

I guess it would be gauche for Jon to mention the fact that he can make more money touring than being on TV.  Stephen Tyler made about $13 million in his last year at American Idol.  Back on the road with Aerosmith, Forbes estimates the band split close to a $1 million per show.  They did 34 dates in 2012.  Plus album sales.  Plus merchandise.  You do the math.

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