The Progressive Rock Cruise
Posted 1/30/2013 10:30:00 AM

It’s being billed as “The Cruise to the Edge”. If you’re a fan of progressive rock, love sailing the seas on state of the art cruise ships, and have about $1500 to blow, this might be all you.

Now, I’ll be honest here. One of the worst experiences I have ever had was on a small cruise ship. One of my buddies was getting married and they chose a cruise as the venue for the reception. Sounds good right? No! Let me tell you why. Once you’re on a boat, you’re stuck on a boat. Now this is all fine and good when you’re having a good time, relaxing, enjoying some delicious libations with family and friends – Yeah, but not good when you’re dealing a psychopathic alcoholic 105 pound over tanned mother of the bride. Seriously, if I hadn’t been in shark infested waters, I would have talked my date into jumping over the side and making a mad swim for the beach that was slowing disappearing into the horizon.

But that won’t happen to you….
At least I hope not :)

No sir, here you will ride the clear blue waters on the MSC Poesia - A fine vessel that looks like a combination of Casino Royale, a Chicago techno club, and the Love Boat. (All cruse ships remind me of the love boat).

You’ll enjoy the Free Lido Buffet, for every single meal, and all the juice, coffee, and tea you can swallow. Alcohol and carbonated beverages are extra, because, well, carbonation is expensive ya know.

Ah, but this is about the music.

The progressive bands scheduled to entertain you are; Yes (minus vocalist Jon Anderson), Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited, Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy, Saga, Zebra, and a couple of other acts I have never heard of including Heavy Mellow who play heavy metal songs on classical guitars. Seriously, we are talking about some very good musicianship from several of the scheduled acts.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is… Is checking out these bands during a 5 day cruise with access to a free buffet and all the juice you can drink worth a couple of thousand dollars?

To some, perhaps, and they will want to check out the website for more information:

For others, the thought of gagging down another Chicken Croquette while hearing Saga lay into On The Loose might not be very appealing. Or their other hit songs.. ah.. .er.. yeah. Do you like Chicken Croquettes?

Patrick Capone

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