Zeppelin Celebration Day Vinyl
Posted 2/14/2013 1:27:00 PM

Well, unless you were one of the 18,000 people who beat out millions of others who applied to see Led Zeppelin at the O2 arena the only way your going to hear that concert is if you score the Celebration Day CD or DVD. I have the Bluray and it absolutely ROCKS. Now, this must have Zep album is available as a vinyl set.

Vinyl sounds better. Don’t argue with me about this. I don’t care if it was originally digitally recorded in high Definition, vinyl sounds better, looks cooler, and makes you a cooler person for having it. Your friends might have this concert on CD, cool, but then you can say, well, I’ve got it on vinyl. Pow. Your cooler.

The tracks are all listed below. The discs are available now and will set you back about $50, a price worthy of the added cool factor.  

Patrick Capone

Disc: 1

1. Good Times Bad Times

2. Ramble On

3. Black Dog

4. In My Time of Dying

5. For Your Life


Disc: 2

1. Trampled Underfoot

2. Nobody s Fault But Mine

3. No Quarter

4. Since I ve Been Lovin You

5. Dazed & Confused


Disc: 3

1. Stairway To Heaven

2. The Song Remains The Same

3. Misty Mountain Hop

4. Kashmir

5. Whole Lotta Love

6. Rock and Roll

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