Meatloaf is Off the Menu
Posted 3/18/2013 1:37:00 PM

First Clapton, then Bob Seger, and now another great classic rock artist has decided to lower the curtain on his touring career – Meatloaf.

He might be named after a lunch dish from my high school that would guarantee to leave your doubled over in pain clutching the toilet before you could make it to study hall,  but his career has been nothing short of gourmet. His Bat out of Hell album still sells hundreds of thousands of copies a year, he’s been in well over 30 movies and just as many TV shows. Bob Paulson from Fight Club being my favorite. Come on man, Meatloaf with tits, doing UFC fighting, f’n brilliant.

And because everything the Loafmister does must include the word Bat, his last tour – “Last at Bat” kicks off April 5th in England and stays overseas until later this year. Do you like what he did with that.. last at bat.. come on.. you like it. You can see the whole itinerary as it stands by visiting his Facebook page -

Considering his first tour was Bat out of Hell back in 1977, I would say 36 years of touring is still pretty damn impressive. Although..  I’m still hoping for a Rocky Horror 2.

Patrick Capone

Patrick Capone

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