Lemmy Forced to Cancel Tour Dates
Posted 6/25/2013 10:41:00 AM

It sounds like the gov’nor of rock and roll’s body is breaking down. According to several sources, Lemmy suffered a “strong hematoma” and as a result Motorhead has been forced to cancel several shows on the tour.

“With great regret we inform you that, after [Motorhead had] canceled a date in Austria yesterday, Motorhead are also forced to cancel the date of June 25 in Milan, for the same reason,” stated the Milan promoters, “health problems with Lemmy, caused by a strong hematoma, makes it impossible at present to go on stage.”

In case you haven’t dated a nurse, which is something I tried to often enough back in the day, a hematoma is a large collection of blood cells outside of the blood vessels. Since the announcement from the promoters is really the only medical reference that we have at this moment, there is no telling on the location.

This all comes after the recent news that Lemmy was fitted with a ICD, or in plane terms, a Defibrillator embedded into his heart. This is done when a patient is at extreme risk for their heart to suddenly stop beating. The device jolts the patients heart back into rhythm.

Many folks around the LA club scene will testify about Lemmy’s addiction to speed. Considering he is known to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels every single day, and you add steady doses of speed daily over decades. and yeah, these reported conditions become less and less of a surprise.  

The good news is that Lemmy IS God, so therefore should simply be able to heal himself with the power of rock and roll.


The crazy bastard better stop screwing around and get healthy.

I recommend the latter.

Patrick Capone

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