New William Shatner Album?!
Posted 9/4/2013 4:49:00 PM

They call him the Shat, the Shatman, Captain Kirk, and many other names, although I have never heard anybody call him a lead singer. Yet, he continues to make albums. At 82 years old, Mr. Shaterific is getting ready to release his latest most ambitious album to date. I say ambitious because its quite possible William is actually a worse lead singer than me, and man that is saying something. Get ready for Captian Kirk to get all progressive on you with “Ponder the Mystery”.

(Cue sad trombone)

Yeah, I know, first Syria, now a progressive rock album from William Shatner. There is simply too much destruction going on in the world these days. Perhaps it really is sign of the apocalypse.

In case you forgot how he sounds, check out his rather odd cover of Queen.

Well, the new album does have some heavy hitters on it including Steve Vai and Mick Jones. Yeah, it probably won’t help. But hey man, he’s William Shatner, and I still think he’s pretty cool.

Patrick Capone

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