New Boston Album - Life Love and Hope
Posted 10/23/2013 10:12:00 AM

We got a name and release date for the long anticipated album from Boston - Life, Love & Hope. 10 years in the making, a crazy long painful time for any artist, it looks like the new album is finally ready to be released.

"These are songs from the heart, each of them taking many months of effort to write, arrange, perform and record, always up to the demands of BOSTON's harshest critic, me. They have all been meticulously recorded to analogue tape on the same machines and equipment used for BOSTON's hits for the past 35 years." - Tom Scholz.

Let’s see, the last time I remember waiting 10 years for an album from an artist I admired, Guns and Roses’s infamous Chinese Democracy, it turned out to be a disaster. On the other side of that coin is the fact that Tom is a perfectionist, a personality trait that has served him well on several of their albums and always results in very long production times.

But what about Brad Delp?

Unfortunately, Brad took his own life back in 2007. You might remember some of the drama that ensued between Delp’s family and Scholz, the story of which resulted in Mr. Scholz suing the Boston Herald.

I had written a rock news piece on the Boston Herald’s story and the resulting lawsuit. Here is a link to the original story.

Tom’s publicist was quick to search out these types of stories on the Internet and counter with his own comments when he could. Here is the actual comment from Tom’s publicist as written on  5-29-2012

“The Boston Globe story published today discloses the truth behind the last days of Brad Delp’s life. This demonstrates that Brad was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts since he was a teenager, long before he ever met Tom Scholz or became involved with BOSTON. It also shows that disturbing events unrelated to Tom Scholz and BOSTON combined with Brad’s own personal issues finally overwhelmed him. For more than a year the Boston Herald has had this information in Brad’s own words, from his e-mails and notes about the upsetting events in the last days preceding his suicide. The fact that the Herald has never reported this information to its readers is outrageous, especially when the Herald continues to write stories denigrating Tom in this matter. This information shows that the Herald got the story completely wrong. The Herald owes Tom Scholz an apology. And then some.” Steve Simon, business affairs representative and close friend of Tom Scholz.

Not only did Tom not get his wanted apology, he lost his lawsuit against the Herald and according to Billboard was forced to repay their lawyer and court fees to the tune of around 130k. Ouch.

Well, none of this suit drama with Brad Delp, his surviving family, or the story in the Herald has deterred him from including the late singers work from the new Boston Album. Mr. Delp’s voice can be heard on 3 of the tracks; Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love, Sail Away and Someone 2.0.
And your in luck, Besides the amazing vocals from the late Mr. Delp, the album also features vocals by David Victor - who previously sung in a Boston tribute band, Kimberley Dahme – found playing cover songs while searching for a drummer, Tommy DeCarlo  - found on myspace covering Boston songs, and even Tom himself. I do love the fact that Tom has chosen to use these mostly unknown singers for the new album.

Here is the track listing:
1.     Heaven on Earth
2.     Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love
3.     Last Day Of School
4.     Sail Away
5.     Life, Love & Hope
6.     If You Were In Love
7.     Someday
8.     Love Got Away
9.     Someone (2.0)
10.   You Gave Up On Love (2.0)
11.   The Way You Look Tonight

The bottom line, crazy lawsuits aside, Tom does great work as a musician and engineer. The amazing results of his perfectionist work ethic can be heard on every album. With that said, after such a long delay and the use of mostly unknown or deceased singers, I have my worries about the end product. No, I personally do not like the way he seems to drag everybody into court these days, however, I am a Boston fan and look forward to hearing the new album with fresh unbiased ears.

Boston’s Life Love & Hope will be released on December 3rd.

Patrick Capone

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