It is because of our heroes that we have the freedom to smile with our children and loved ones each and every day. The men and women who serve have given up their lives, so we can enjoy this luxury. Many return home wounded, physically and emotionally, if they return at all. The Loop wants to give back by helping a hometown hero smile once again…literally!!!

The Loop and The Zaibak Center For Dentistry are partnering to give a Chicagoland hero a brand new smile. Fellow patriot and former dentist for the U.S. Navy, Dr. Zack Zaibak knows first-hand the sacrifices these people make. Through state of the art dental technology, Dr. Zaibak will stop at nothing to put a smile back on a hero's face.

If you know a hero that deserves a new smile, submit their heroic story and photo here! The Loop and The Zaibak Center For Dentistry in Tinley Park are committed to bring back the smile to one of our hero's faces!!!

For more information on Dr. Zack Zaibak, author of The Hidden Truth Behind Beautiful Smiles and founder of The Zaibak Center For Cosmetic Dentistry in Tinley Park, call 708-802-9600 or click here.

Anterior smile makeover must be free of periodontal and gum disease. And must have all posterior teeth. Final contestant will be notified after Dr evaluation for candidate smile requirement.