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Here Comes Metallica Pinball from Stern
Posted 4/10/2013 11:17:00 AM

Metallica and Stern Pinball, now that’s a GREAT combination.

All of us old school rockers remember a time when heading up to the arcade was the thing to do. You bummed 5 bucks from your old man, climbed into your buddy’s 69 Firebird, and headed up to the game room to look for hotties, play some pinball, and hear some seriously loud rock music cranking over the crazy electronic sounds from the room full of machines. We won’t talk about what happened out in the parking lot.

Making the tokens last in your favorite machine was just as much about skill as it was necessity. If you timed the day right and scored a deal, maybe you got 4-8 tokens for a dollar. Hey man, you got to make that last all night and learning the tricks and techniques for each pinball game could be a challenge. I’m still mystified by Funhouse.

Back in the day you would see pinball games made by Midway, Bally, Chicago Coin, Gottleib, and even Sega. Today, really, only Stern remains. The last of the great pinball companies, the best of the best, and of course they are located right here in Chicago.

Well, it looks like the mechanical madmen at Stern have teamed up with the monsters of metal – Metallica, to create a brand new pinball game.

In the video below, you can see some of the behind the scenes drawing and mechanical work that has already begun at Stern. Word has it that over 30 years of Metallica music will be used in the game including; Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, Sad But True, Enter Sandman, and many more. In other words, this may very well be the best sounding pinball game of all time!

Now, I’ve been a fan of pinball since the very first time my dad laid down an old milk crate at some dusty old tavern on the Northwest side, stood me on top, handed me some quarters and showed me how to “finesse” the game and work the flippers. I think I became an addict the first time I heard the loud knock for a free game. Love it! I think it was a William Baseball from the 60’s.

Of course, Pinball has come along way since those first all mechanical games that I loved so much, and Stern sure knows how to make them exciting. I recently had a chance to play their ACDC pinball and was simply blown away. The music, the graphics, the action, it had it all. I was quickly trying to figure out how to justify the $6,000 with my accountant. These days they have some really cool games out for Avatar, The Avengers, XMen, Transformers, ACDC, and now Metallica.

Sure, video games are fun. I play them all the time. But nothing will ever replace the feel of playing pinball. There is something about that groove you can get into, watching the numbers rise, locking the balls, nailing a target and enjoying the rush and sound of multiball. Thank God for multiball! And a big thanks to Stern for keeping the faith for all these years. Pinball Rocks!


Patrick Capone

Posted By: Pat Capone  
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