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Battlefield 4 Review
Posted 10/30/2013 2:17:00 PM

Dice is back with the latest release of the ever so popular Battlefield series – Battlefield 4. I’ve been a fan of this series since I first played it on my PC, and really enjoyed the console version for the XBOX 360 due to the lack of hackers cheating the game play. To say that I was excited to try out this latest version is an understatement. It is my favorite go-to game on the XBOX 360.

This is NOT a long in-depth review of the entire game Battlefield 4. In fact, it is my opinion of the game after playing the release for several hours last night, purchased on the release date. I played the XBOX 360 version available now, as well as the online BETA version; however this review is directly related to the official release version with only a few comments used in comparison to the Beta.

As usual, you have two basic modes of play: Multiplayer and Campaign

To save you some reading and cut right to the point – DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR THE XBOX360 MULTIPLAYER

Well, at least not yet.

What has turned out to be omens and precursors to the released version, the BETA, like most BETA’s, was cursed with glitches, lag, low frame rates, and console freezes, even right up to the end of the BETA period. I bet this would have had you worried as well.

Upon loading the game into my console, a couple of updates were downloaded and installed. That is to be expected, and my hope was that the small downloads were simple little glitch fixes as are often customary on new releases.

I went straight to the multi-player and had no problem jumping into a quick matchmaking session. It looks different; however all the familiar types of soldier are still present. I grabbed a support guy and headed off to war.

Almost immediately upon entering the game I was met with stuttering frame rates and horrible lag. It was like I was back in BETA, and ironically on the same cool map played in BETA.
It wasn’t long until the round was over, and immediately another glitch came up that superimposed a bunch of white text words on top of each other so that I could not read any of it. It looks like it said I won and I lost at that same time, perhaps, but I’ll never know. It looked horrible, amateur, and shows a complete lack of attention to detail.

I could go on and on about watching soldiers teleport around the map due to lag issues, or watching the whole game freeze over and over, about console freezes so bad that it forced me to restart the XBOX 360 several times, but I bet you already know exactly what I’m talking about.

When it did play well, it was fantastic. The gun sounds, the destroyable environments, falling buildings, all made for some seriously cool action… when it worked… which was not often enough. I think all the ingredients for a great game are here; unfortunately the quality control is not. The multiplayer game feels way rushed for launch, half finished, not complete. Bummer.


One of my favorite things about Battlefield campaign mode is the cool way it interacts fun single player gaming with live action motion. You know what I’m talking about here, swearing, blood spray, massive gun fights, falling through buildings, crashes, yeah, it’s a blast. Battlefield 4 is definitely going to deliver the same fun adventure you have expected from the previous releases.

In campaign mode, Battlefield 4 really does not disappoint. I had no problems with freezing or glitches. None of the other multiplayer issues that bummed me out happened. Joy.


Now, I realize that this game is really slated for the release of the new generation of XBOX consoles – The XBOX One. With that said, if you are going to sell a product to a consumer I would suggest that it run correctly on that platform; meaning if you sell a game for the XBOX 360, that game had better work perfectly on the XBOX 360.
For single player campaign action, my first day with the game was killer. Fun action, no glitches, right on!
For multiplayer action.. It is disappointing. In fact, it’s darn right frustrating.

Sure, if Battlefield 4 worked correctly in multiplayer on the XBOX 360, the features and environments, the game play action, it could all add up to be a really fun fantastic online game. Perhaps Dice will deliver a perfect update that makes it all go away.

Who knows? Maybe on the XBOX One it will perform perfectly with even cooler graphics. I would love that. In fact, that is one of my biggest hopes is that the new XBOX ONE multiplayer experience is even better than what we have now, and specifically for games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

As it is today, I cannot recommend this game for the XBOX 360 if you wish to play multiplayer on the 360, which was my favorite way to play. Yes, the campaign play is really fun and cool and maybe for some gamers that is enough to justify the cash drop.

Patrick Capone

Posted By: Pat Capone  
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