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- Graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL

- Number 6 out of 12 kids - Middle child syndrome

- 8 boys, 4 girls. Was in a fist fight every day for 15 years

- One Shower in the house growing up (12 kids - hello?)

- All siblings are best friends

- Voted Class Clown in High School

- Mother works at a Church

- His Sister is A Sister

- Played college basketball (ok, so he lied)

- One Beer away from COLLEGE

- Loves Sports. Loves the Game even more

- Can't accept the fact he's a mediocre basketball player

- Season Ticket Holder for Cubs and Bears

- Passionate about Radio and Television

- Doesn't like negative energy, positively energetic

- Never has had a cavity

- Has an attention span of Zero!

- Needs a great deal of attention

- Go Big or Go Home

- Always carries a Sharpie (the Cadillac of marking pens)

- Has a big nose

- Would love to go to Vegas 24 times a year (ok, 32)

- Extremely positive

- Loves music

- Loves Steak Burritos at 4am

- Can't breath out of his right nostril

- Loves to laugh

Who will have a better record this season?