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20 Questions with Tricia
First Rock Concert?
Aerosmith at Tinley Park, I was close enough to touch them! Steven Tyler I LOVE YOU!

Favorite Loop Artist?
Old School Queen definitely has my heart. Ever since the first time I heard them in the garage with my dad I have been a fan

Cubs or Sox?
Growing up I was a huge Frank Thomas fan and rarely took my Sox hat off! But now I love the party on the North Side and also love the heart of the South Side!

Favorite Chicago Pizza Place?
Ginos East is a classic, and my favorite late night spot

What do you feel most sexy wearing?
A cute comfy tank top and jean skirt

What do you sleep in?
Boy Shorts

Craziest Place you have ever had sex?
A girl never kisses and tells...but I’ll never forget the night on the boat on Lake Michigan!

Favorite Cocktail?
Bacardi and Diet or Bud Light, depends on my mood.

Favorite Vacation Spot?
Silver Lake, Michigan. The Sunset of the Sand Dunes is killer!

Biggest Turn on?
Adorable smile and a great sense of humor. Great arms doesn’t hurt :)

Biggest turn off?
A man who loves himself more than I love him

Favorite Movie?
The Dark Night. Filmed in Chicago and come on who doesn’t want to ride in the Bat Mobile!

Favorite Time of the Year?

Favorite Book?
Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin, I am such a SAPP!

Any pets?
Currently the only man in my life, my adorable Yorkie, Kobe.

T.V. Show you can’t miss?
American Idol

Morning or Night person?
Night, I have to be where the action is at!

Biggest non Loop Rock Girl accomplishment?
Pitching against the defending National Champions, University of Michigan, for Western Michigan University and winning 2-1!!!

Favorite Chicago Restaurant?
Gibson’s Steakhouse. I love steak, which is the key to my heart!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Colin Farrell, a tall, dark, and handsome bad ass rebel who know how to party? I am in!