Tracks From Rock n Roll Heaven
Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott, Dio, John Lennon, George Harrison, John Bonham, Randy Rhodes, Jim Morrison, Duane Allman, Ronnie Van Zant, Keith Moon, Phil Lynott, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain... These and other great Classic Rock artists will rise again to rock this weekend. Starting at 5pm Friday.

Noon Every Day
What can you do in 97 uninterrupted minutes? You could run 12 miles. You could save insurance over six times. Or you can listen to The Loop and NOT hear a single commercial. It's an hour-and-a-half of commercial-free Classic Rock seven days a week at 12 O'clock noon!

Monday thru Thursday
We've got the perfect end to your work day: The 4 O'clock Happy Hour. Belly up to kick back six-packs and double-shots of Classic Rock every Monday through Thursday at 4pm. Beats watching the clock!

Endorsed by Tommy Lee
Get your weekend started early on Friday. Crank The Loop and we'll crank the tunes to "11" (that's what T-Lee's tryin' to say, right?). Great classics that rock for five hours from 12noon 'til 5pm.

All Day Tuesdays
Why have just enough when you can have two many? Double-down every Tuesday and get back-to-back tracks from your favorite acts. From the station that invented Twofer Tuesday.