Drug Charges Dismissed Against Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter


PR NewswireDrug charges against Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Rose have been dropped.  According to the Kirkland, New York police department, which initially announced the charges against the Hamilton College student, they've been dismissed because of her alleged overdose.

According to the police department, New York State Penal Law says that anyone who overdoses or experiences a "life-threatening medical emergency" can't be prosecuted for possession of heroin if it's less than eight ounces, or for possession of any amount of marijuana.  Stephanie had less than eight ounces of heroin at the time of her arrest, so the district attorney is dropping the charges.

In addition, fellow student Ian S. Grant, who was also arrested on drug possession charges that same night, has had the charges against him dropped. It seems New York State Penal Law also says that anyone who in good faith seeks health care for someone who is experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose or other "life-threatening medical emergency" also cannot be prosecuted for having less than eight ounces of heroin or for pot possession.  Because it was Grant who called for help after Stephanie's alleged overdose, he, too, is off the hook.

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