The Doobie Brothers' Tom Johnston Discusses Band's Plans for 2013, Hints at "Interesting" New Project


HOR RecordsThe Doobie Brothers played more than 60 concerts in 2012, wrapping up the year with a New Year's Eve show in Richmond, Canada.  Singer/guitarist Tom Johnston says the band's plans for 2013 call for "more of the same."  That certainly seems to be the case -- a look at the veteran rockers' schedule shows they currently have more than a dozen tour dates lined up, spanning from a February 24 performance in Tampa, Florida, through a May 10 stop in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

In recent years the Doobies have teamed up with Chicago for a few popular outings, but Johnston tells ABC News Radio that, so far, his band has no plans to mount a joint trek with another group in 2013.

"We do that about every other year -- I don't know if we do it every year," he explains.  "So at this point, no, there isn't anything other than just running around playing anything from casinos to sheds to theaters to festivals.  The smorgasbord of where you play."

Johnston does reveal that the Doobies have a tentative project that, if it comes to fruition, he thinks will captivate fans.  "I'm not gonna say it's a definite," he notes, "but if we do it, it'll be really interesting because it goes someplace we've never really gone before."

Johnston doesn't offer up any New Year's resolutions but he does shares a positive wish for everyone.

"I just really hope the economy can pull out of the mess it's in," he says.  "I hope for everybody in this country's sake it can, and, it's actually a worldwide situation.  I hope things go in a positive direction rather than a negative direction for everybody."

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