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In Case You Missed It: Robert Plant on The Colbert Report was Hilarious

Including what was certainly one of the funniest interviews ever faced by Robert Plant, Stephen Colbert hosted the former Led Zeppelin frontman last Thursday night.  Plant also performed two songs with the Sensational Space Shifters (below).  But first, here is the interview:

After being introduced, Plant runs around the stage and knocks off his portable microphone, which Colbert reapplies to the singer's waist. "I never thought I'd start an interview by saying 'I touched Robert Plant's butt,'" Colbert jokes.

After being asked how his "rocktober" has been treating him, Plant says, "It's been so far, so good. I don't know where we came from recently…" and without missing a beat, Colbert replied, "I believe you came from the land of the ice and snow!"

Later, Plant dug in his pocket and said, "I brought you a little present from our stock room," and produced a joint. "I think it's one of the accessories of not quite being a knight in the British Empire, but on the way."

Upon receiving the free weed, Colbert asks, "What is that? I'm not… let's find out what this is later, shall we? And for the purposes of my lawyer and the network, this is a cigarette."